UNIQA Gorgeous Shining Kit - Vitamin A + Hyaluronic + APM / BPM

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For a naturally smooth and hydrated skin, without a “sharp scalpel”.

UNIQA Vitamin A performs three different actions with a single application:

1- stimulates the natural renewal of the most superficial cells of the skin which will have a younger and healthier appearance. This stimulation also acts on the most marked wrinkles , smoothing them "from below" like a Scrub or Peeling

2- stimulates the production of Collagen and Elastin , fundamental substances that give tone and elasticity. A more elastic skin shows less signs of aging

3- regulates the production of sebum. This is the action for which retinoids (the family to which Retinol belongs) are known especially among young people. Greasy or acne-prone hairs find great benefit in the action of natural regulation of sebum production

UNIQA Hyaluronic + is Hyaluronic Acid with high (1200 KDa) and low (50 KDa) molecular weight in high concentration (0.5%).

The High Molecular Weight Hyaluronic Acid acts on the skin surface ensuring effective hydration and at the same time provides a film-forming action with a tightening and protective effect , while the Low Molecular Weight Hyaluronic Acid penetrates to the deep layers, stimulating the production of Collagen and Elastin.

The constant use of UNIQA Hyaluronic + allows to reactivate mature skin giving the skin firmness and tone .


Recommended for those with particularly dehydrated skin and in need of intense hydration, but also for those with mature skin and with fine wrinkles and loss of tone and elasticity .

To those who want to give a boost of vitality to their skin.

For those who want to reduce the appearance of deeper wrinkles .


For a cycle of at least 28 days (a complete cycle of skin cell renewal), apply a single dose of UNIQA Hyaluronic + daily in the morning on cleansed skin and a single dose of UNIQA Vitamin A in the evening.

Spread all the contents on the face, neck, décolleté and hands .

Open the single-dose by holding it firmly between two fingers of one hand and gently turning the softer upper part until its delicate break.

Use all the contents of the single-dose in a single application; the vitamin in pure form oxidizes within a few minutes once the single-dose is opened, losing all its functions.


Retinol is widely used in cosmetics and safe . Because of its effectiveness it requires some extra attention.

Excessive use of retinol can cause dry skin and consequent irritation (only in some cases and especially on hyper-sensitive skin).

Topically, retinol makes the skin more sensitive to sunlight and skin that is not adequately protected can suffer from sunburn.

Retinoids (the large family to which Retinol belongs) can cause a skin reaction only in rare circumstances, causing a mild inflammatory response that ceases anyway with the suspension of treatment. Despite this, even people with hyper-sensitive skin can use retinol (Vitamin A), gradually introducing it into their beauty routine (even once a week in the initial phase) and preparing the skin with a good moisturizer (such as UNIQA HYALURONIC).

It is not recommended to use retinol in combination with creams containing alpha hydroxy acids or during professional exfoliating treatments.

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