Ishi ALLOSTATIC CREAM - regenerating and energizing cream

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Cream with a complete formula, the result of the most advanced Estegenomic research, which promotes skin regeneration from the inside, supporting the three essential processes for respiration and cell detoxification. First, it improves skin oxygenation and cellular respiratory processes. It also stimulates the production of cellular energy and strengthens the skin's defenses against external stress factors, protecting it from environmental pollution and preserving its natural microbial flora, thanks to a renewed and continuous balance with the environment, called Allostasis.
Its structure, light and melting, combines intense nutrition and a non-greasy texture, giving each application a pleasant sensation of energy and deep oxygenation.
It is preferably used in the morning, spreading a very small amount on clean and dry skin of the whole face and décolleté, then massaging with light circular movements until absorbed.

ALLOSTATIC CREAM is an Anti Pollution cream that means it increases the protection of the skin of the face from pollutants, the main ones are:

-blue light of digital tools (PC, smartphone, tablet, TV)

-air pollution

- air conditioners

The association with OXYGEN COMPLEX serum for the evening is recommended

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