Framesi Morphosis Anti-hair loss kit Reinforcing shampoo and Energizing Spray + shampoo

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Framesi Morphosis Reinforcing Shampoo is strengthening and adjuvant in anti-hair loss treatment , indicated for oily skin and particularly suitable for male customers. Enriched with Vine Plant Stem Cell extract, Vitamin B6 and E, Menthol and Arginine. A prolonged massage promotes skin microcirculation.


  • Distribute on damp scalp and hair
  • Massage carefully to promote skin microcirculation and rinse

*Adjuvant in the prevention of hair loss. Non-pathological hair loss.

Framesi Morphosis Reinforcing Energizing Spray is a energizing treatment for fragile scalp and hair . It supports and prolongs the action of the anti-hair loss ritual with a pool of 14 functional ingredients, including Plant Stem Cell extract, Arginine and Trimethylglycine, Inositol and Vitamin E and B6, Magnesium, Menthol, Phytokeratin, purifying extracts of Red Grapes, Ginger and Incense. Provides beneficial nutrients to the skin. Dona density And body to your hair without weighing it down.


  • Apply to towel-dried scalp and hair and massage with circular movements
  • Do not rinse

*Adjuvant in the prevention of hair loss. Non-pathological hair loss.


The weakening of hair can be associated with an excess of sebum, the deposits of which promote inflammation and block the follicles, with the consequence that the hair becomes thinner and loses its capacity for mechanical resistance. The strengthening ritual, thanks to the certified bio-technology at the base of its formulation, has a sebum-regulating and vasodilating effect which reactivates the microcirculation, nourishes and stimulates the follicle to produce fuller and firmer hair. With visible and documented results.


  • The Stem Cells of the Grapevine ,
    in synergy with the hydrolyzed extract of rocket and walnut, they offer peptides and nutrients essential for cellular metabolism and functional in reducing hair loss. The action of the active ingredients increases the vitality and longevity of skin and follicle cells, improves blood microcirculation and is effective against oxidative stress of the cells themselves.
  • Tri-C-Peptides
  • Vanillyl Butyl Ether

Aromatic, citrus, aquatic, woody, musk

A harsh and pungent note dissolves in a scent of rose and green freshness, to find its final persistence in an aroma of wood and amber.

1 pack of shampoo 250 ml

1 pack of 150ml spray

+ 1 pack of shampoo 250 ml

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