Framesi Morphosis Densifying Kit Shampoo 250 ml + Vials 24 x 7ml

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Densifying and adjuvant in anti-hair loss treatment *, it is indicated for sensitive skin and particularly suitable for women. Enriched with Apple Plant Stem Cell Extract, Arginine, Vitamin E and B6, Magnesium and Menthol. A prolonged massage promotes skin microcirculation.

250 ml 



Anti-hair loss * activating serum densifying for brittle hair. Suitable for sensitive skin and particularly suitable for female customers. Promotes microcirculation that oxygenates the hair bulb and stimulates the natural regrowth of the hair, strengthening its structure.

It has a beneficial warming effect on the skin. The certified efficacy of the anti-hair loss ritual is obtained thanks to a formula composed of 19 functional substances including Apple Plant Stem Cell Extract, the exclusive Tri-C-Peptides ™ bio-technology, Vanillyl Butyl Ether, Magnesium, Nigella Oil , Arginine and Trimethylglycine, Vitamins B6, E and H, Zinc-PCA, Azelaic Acid, Hydrolyzed Olive Extract.

12 x 7 ml


Shampoo: Distribute on damp scalp and hair, massage carefully to promote skin microcirculation and rinse.

Densifying Activator: Apply 3.5 ml of product on dry or well-buffered skin at least 3 times a week (or daily, as needed). Massage thoroughly with circular movements, until completely absorbed. Do not rinse.

* Adjuvant in the prevention of hair loss. Non-pathological hair loss.


The capillary thinning, in some cases, can be associated with a marked sensitivity of the skin: irritability and soreness are accompanied by a thinned shaft and not very resistant to traction. The densifying ritual aims to strengthen both the hair and the scalp.

A vasodilation process favors the absorption of minerals and vitamins with a soothing and protective effect on the skin, while the hair regains density and strength over time. The active ingredients and the bio-technology at the base of Morphosis Densifying ensure certified and visible results even in the texture of the hair.


  • Stem Cells of the Apple
    This ingredient, rich in peptides and nutrients essential for cell metabolism, increases vitality and promotes the longevity of skin cells and follicles. Furthermore, its action protects against oxidative stress and delays cellular aging.
  • Tri-C - Peptides
  • Vanillyl Butyl Ether

Citrus, flowery, tea, woody

A sophisticated and elegant composition. The first, fresh impression of bergamot, lemon zest and lime gives way to the intense aroma of freesia, tea leaves and black currant, and then fades into mineral amber, cedar wood and white musk.

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