Histomer - DRAIN 02 Slimming, Draining and Fat Burning

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Histomer Kit DrainO2 Draining Reducing Anti-Cellulite It is a complete, highly effective draining kit with rapid action against cellulite.

The kit contains:

- Histomer DrainO2 Slimming Body 400 ml it's the cream with rapid effectiveness against cellulite blemishes, with a strong draining action and oxygenating.

Thanks to a mix of active ingredients such as Plankton (+173% oxygen consumption), Pink Pepper, Ginger, Escin, Carnitine, cIt helps to activate the lymphatic circulation, to mobilize the fat deposits, to promote the elimination of liquids and toxins by removing the main factors responsible for the cellulite process.

How to use: it should be used regularly 1-2 times a day, on the legs, abdomen, arms and buttocks with a short massage.

 - Histomer Histomer Lipo Osmotic Scrub 200ml :  It is a concentrate of sea salt in the form of finely ground crystalline solid particles embedded in a gel of Marrubium Stem Cells. The sea ​​salt in crystalline form It allows for light peeling and perfect cleansing of the skin and at the same time exerts intense osmotic stimulation on the fat pads.

How to use: Apply 2+3 times a week on dry skin, massage all over the body, leave on for 5-10 minutes to promote osmotic action. Remove and apply the cream with a light massage.

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