Davines STIMULATING KIT - shampoo + seasonal vials

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Revitalizing seasonal treatment: the combination of Energizing shampoo and Energizing Seasonal vials is perfect for cleansing the hair, giving a feeling of energy and well-being to the scalp. It is indicated both in cases of hair loss due to stress and seasonal factors, and as a preventative treatment.

ENERGIZING Shampoo : Stimulating product for fragile scalp and hair, prone to falling out.

Energizing Seasonal Superactive vials : reduces hair loss and improves its density and body*:
- -23% hair lost
- +5% hair density

*Instrumental tests on 20 subjects, after 56 days of use.

The Kit contains:

1 250ml energizing SH bottle

1 pack of 12 seasonal 6ml vials

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