Davines OI LAMINATION KIT - shampoo + conditioner + liquid luster

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Instant treatment for shiny and soft hair


Milk texture shampoo for gentle daily cleansing. It gives extraordinary softness, shine and body to the hair, protecting it from the oxidizing action and leaving it scented for a long time.

280ml bottle


Cream balm with a sensory scent. It gives the hair extraordinary softness, shine and body by accelerating the drying process. The rich texture moisturizes with an antioxidant effect.

250ml bottle


Water-textured treatment for all hair types. Thanks to the innovative liquid texture, the moisturizing agents come into direct contact with the hair fiber, giving an immediate illuminating effect and a smooth finish. Hair is instantly shiny, silky and extremely soft, for a 'reflective' glass effect.

300ml bottle

  • Super fast treatment, no shutter speed.
  • Instantly super shiny and soft hair.
  • The hair is not weighted down.
  • Immediate results from the first use.

After shampooing OI, remove excess water from the hair. Divide into sections and apply OI LIQUID LUSTER directly on hair, completely saturating from lengths to ends, comb through. Use 1 dose (20ml) for short hair and 2 doses (40ml) for long hair. Rinse. Follow with the application of OI Conditioner in case of thick or unruly hair for extra hydration.


6X shinier hair *
3.5X silkier hair **

Extreme softness ***

* Instrumental test on hair strands, increase in shine, OI Shampoo + Liquid Luster compared to OI Shampoo alone.

** Instrumental combability test on hair strands, OI Shampoo + Liquid Luster versus OI Shampoo only. 

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