UNIQA 3D Eyes Contour - lifting bags treatment

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Bags treatment with lifting effect

A younger and more rested look from the very first applications. A light texture that is easy to apply thanks to the massage of the special applicator equipped with three hypoallergenic heads.
Its texture is fresh, light and easily absorbed by all skin types. From the first application you will see your eyes relaxed and rested.

Bags treatment with lifting effect

UNIQA 3D EYES CONTOUR LIFTING BAGS is a facial treatment to enhance the natural beauty of your eyes.

Corrects small imperfections of the eye contour , such as wrinkles of expression or "crow's feet" thanks to the lifting action , with immediate effect.

Used every day, decongests bags for a fresher and more rested look .

Ideal for all skin types.

Ideal for anyone who wants one brighter look , fresh and young or for those who want correct bags and small fine lines "Crow's feet" with natural effect.

We recommend it to Donatella who wants in the morning a fresh look in 5 minutes .

We recommend it to Loredana who is looking for it a perfect base for make-up Of the eyes.

We recommend it to Matteo who sees the appearance of the first fine lines around the eyes and wishes to have them always looking young and rested.

It is indicated for all those who want to feel good and slow down the effects of time, enhancing one's natural beauty .

A draining massage for your eyes

Morning and evening, dispense a small amount of product by pressing the bottle and give a draining massage to the entire area around the eyes.

The special applicator, equipped with three hypoallergenic heads , it facilitates the application of the product.

Make a gentle massage, with movements from the inside out , in order to exert a mechanical drainage action as well as facilitate the penetration of the precious active ingredients.

    bottle of 15 ml

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