UNIQA LIFTING KIT - vitamin A + 3D eyes contour treatment bags

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Eye Contour Bags with lifting effect

A specific intensive treatment that helps to smooth and minimize wrinkles and expression lines, combining an effective anti-bag effect.

Moisturizing and treating the eye contour area correctly is essential to always have a young, rested and luminous appearance.

UNIQA 3D EYES CONTOUR is the answer to this need.

  • special applicator with triple roll on
  • spreads the active ingredients evenly by performing a delicate massage around the eye contour
  • reactivates the microcirculation and deflates the area around the eyes.
  • for a more relaxed and rested look
  • ANTIAGE tightening effect in 5 minutes
  • Mixture of two Hyaluronic Acids with different molecular weights for ANTI-AGE action
  • Ash bark extract which strengthens the capillary wall -
  • Venotonic Vitamin B3 which improves the microcirculation
  • Oligo elements (organic silica) which strengthens and protects tissues

15ml bottle

Vitamin A (Retinol) is known for being a very powerful anti-wrinkle and a formidable sebum regulator.

Having it available in pure form and in single doses allows us to achieve surprising results.

UNIQA Vitamin A performs three different actions with a single application:

1- stimulates the natural renewal of the most superficial cells of the skin which will have a younger and healthier appearance. This stimulation It also acts on the most pronounced wrinkles , smoothing them "from below" like a scrub or peeling

2- stimulates the production of Collagen and Elastin , fundamental substances that give tone and elasticity. More elastic skin shows less signs of aging

3- regulates sebum production. This is the action for which retinoids (the family of which Retinol is part) are known especially among young people. Oily or acne-prone hair finds great benefit in the action of natural regulation of sebum production

Vitamin A is known for its exfoliating action, which removes the most superficial layers of the epidermis (the outermost layer of our skin) which make the skin dull and dull, making it return to being toned and luminous . By stimulating cell renewal, Vitamin A reduces the thickness of the epidermis and, together with the exfoliating action just saw it, visibly reduces wrinkles giving a new glow to the skin of the face .

For a cycle of at least 28 days (a complete cycle of skin cell renewal), apply a single dose of UNIQA Vitamin A daily to cleansed skin.

Spread all contents on face, neck, décolleté and hands .

Open the single-dose by holding it still between two fingers of one hand and gently turning the softer upper part until it delicately breaks.

Use the entire contents of the single dose in a single application; the vitamin in pure form oxidizes within a few minutes once the single dose is opened, losing all its functions.


Retinol is widely used in cosmetics and safe . Precisely because of its effectiveness it requires some extra attention.

Excessive use of retinol can cause dryness of the skin and consequent irritation (only in some cases and especially on hyper-sensitive skin).

Topically, retinol makes the skin more sensitive to sunlight and skin that is not adequately protected can cause sunburn.

Retinoids (the large family to which Retinol is part) can cause a skin reaction only in rare circumstances, causing a slight inflammatory response which however ceases when treatment is suspended. Despite this, even people with hyper-sensitive skin can use retinol (Vitamin A), gradually introducing it into their beauty routine (even once a week in the initial phase) and preparing the skin with a good moisturizer (such as UNIQA HYALURONIC).

It is not recommended to use retinol in combination with creams containing alpha hydroxy acids or during professional exfoliating treatments.

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