Uniqa NIGHT AGE+ single dose - nourishing, restructuring anti-wrinkle night treatment

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Nourishing, restructuring anti-wrinkle night treatment

30 single doses of 2ml

A nourishing anti-wrinkle cream that takes care of your skin and beauty overnight. A nice feeling of elasticity, tone and hydration upon awakening.


UNIQA NIGHT Age + is a nourishing, restorative and revitalizing night treatment for mature skin. Thanks to its rich and silky texture formulated with super nourishing active ingredients such as 5 molecular weight hyaluronic acid, pomegranate extract and silk tree extract, it is ideal as a night cream to restore elasticity and vitality to mature skin or sensitive.


A silky cuddle that takes care of your skin even when you sleep.

Stress , hectic life and a diet rich in sugars affect our skin and accelerate the aging process due to glycation.  

GLICATION is an irreversible process that alters the structure and functions of proteins in our skin (in particular collagen and elastin fibres, real skin scaffolds), accelerating the skin aging process. The skin progressively begins to lose firmness, hydration and softness , with the appearance of wrinkles, dullness and dryness. This process naturally increases as the years pass.  

UNIQA NIGHT Age + is a nourishing, restorative and revitalizing night treatment for mature skin. The soft and silky texture contains a pool of active ingredients, in particular the silk tree extract , which protects and repairs the protein structures damaged during the night by glycation and supports the skin's special detoxifying systems, as well as performing an anti-glycation during the day.  

The formulation is enhanced by hyaluronic acid with 5 molecular weights with a hydrating action and pomegranate extract with a regenerating and antioxidant action.  

Hyaluronic acid with 5 molecular weights has the ability to penetrate into the deepest layers of the skin, stimulating fibroblasts in the production of collagen and elastin . It gives the face more tone and firmness with a plumping effect because it is able to retain water molecules in the skin. Thanks to its properties the skin will be more hydrated, soft and elastic with a younger and fresher appearance.  

Pomegranate extract , on the other hand, is an excellent ally for the brightness and well-being of the skin: thanks to its soothing, antioxidant and regenerating action it is ideal for the treatment of irritated or sensitive, mature or damaged skin. This precious ingredient stimulates cell turnover, promoting the regeneration of skin tissue and carries out a delicate exfoliating massage for smoother, brighter and more radiant skin when you wake up. Furthermore, pomegranate extract is a powerful antioxidant : it therefore counteracts the formation of free radicals and helps fight damage caused to the skin by sun rays, pollution and stress. Excellent ally for preventing the formation of wrinkles and other signs of aging, including the loss of elasticity and tone or the appearance of dark spots.  

The constant use of UNIQA NIGHT Age + with its regenerating, nourishing and hydrating properties allows mature skin to be reactivated, giving the skin greater brightness, firmness and tone.


A cuddle for your evening beauty routine

Apply a single dose of UNIQA NIGHT Age + in the evening on well-cleansed and dry skin, massaging until completely absorbed. 

Each single dose contains the right amount of product for the face, neck and décolleté; in this way there is no risk of wasting the product or using too little of it. 


Ideal for mature and devitalized skin , dry skin or sensitive , stressed and tired and who want a pleasant feeling of comfort when waking up.  

We recommend it to Anna aged 45 who wants brighter and more radiant skin when she wakes up.

We also recommend it to Maria, 57 years old, who wants to reduce and combat the signs of aging with an evening beauty routine.


The human body and our skin are equipped with an innate sense of time that allows it to vary the activities to be carried out according to the time. Our skin receives many messages related to the alternation of light and dark and regulates its activity based on this information.  

For example, during the day the skin is particularly concentrated on defense activities, while at nightfall it focuses on repairing and regenerating the damage suffered during the day.  

It is precisely in the evening that the repair mechanisms that resolve the small damages that have occurred during the day begin to activate, and between 10.00 pm and 12.00 am the actual regeneration phase begins, during which new cells are produced . Around midnight the skin reaches its maximum activity. In the middle of the night, microcirculation is activated, which promotes the drainage of water and toxins . All these functions require energy and nourishment.  

To help the skin carry out its functions we recommend starting with cleansing to remove any residues of make-up, sebum and external agents that have deposited during the day; the skin will then be ready to best receive the evening treatment.  



Glycation is an irreversible process that affects proteins in the body and is the reaction in which sugar molecules bind to proteins. After several transformations these molecules become the so-called Ages = Advanced Glycation End-products. Accumulating Ages alter the structure and function of proteins. They also alter the two most important proteins within the skin, collagen and elastin, making them stiff and less elastic, causing wrinkles and aging. Ages are mostly formed when the diet is rich in sugars but increase naturally as the years go by.  

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