DEMYKOMED - Anti-fungal foot spray

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Protective spray for nails and skin, practical and effective.

It is the fast and reliable prophylaxis for feet sensitive to fungus. Above all, it protects in the most at-risk areas, such as walking barefoot in places such as Turkish baths, saunas, swimming pools, changing rooms, hotel rooms and gyms, plus it protects against wearing commonly used clothing such as ski boots, bowling shoes , etc. from the risk of athlete's foot fungal infection. Reduces the risk of infection, creates a protective barrier. Also, recommended to use as a revitalizing and refreshing pedicure especially after a long day that is hard on your feet. It is free of dyes and perfumes.

Application and dosage: it can be sprayed directly on the foot and between the toe spaces. It should be noted that the skin is sufficiently wet, it absorbs in 30 seconds.

75ml bottle


Softening oil with Bisabolol and Tocopherol, prevents the formation of fungi and mycosis.

The combination of Bisabolol and Tocopherol (vitamin E) softens the nail and the perilongal horny state in a few days. Prevents and relieves pain caused by ingrown toenails. Dotrimazole increases prevention against the onset of fungi and mycosis of the nail and skin.

15ml format.

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