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Be the best version of you with the EVAGARDEN ICONIC Nude Eye Palette .

A “Timeless” beauty idea: Romantic, Sophisticated, Iconic and Glam. The make-up routine becomes simple but never banal. An Ultra Chic pocket palette with 4 Must Have shades to create all the looks you want, leaving room for your freedom of expression and imagination.

Transform your make-up every day and on every occasion to always show the best version of yourself.

With the «ICONIC Nude» Eye Palette, with its versatile and timelessly trendy shades, you will always have your personal idea of ​​beauty at hand.

4 eyeshadows with a brand new formulation, one with a matte effect, 2 brighter and 1 in the innovative Glitter Show formula. Ultra-light textures, extraordinary writing properties, extreme durability and ease of application, a guarantee of the unparalleled EVAGARDEN technology.

ACTIVE INGREDIENTS: • Squalane: hydrating properties.

TIPS: The eyeshadows contained in the EVAGARDEN ICONIC NUDE Palettes can be applied, for quick and informal use, with the appropriate blender contained in the package or, more precisely and carefully, with the EVAGARDEN Cat's Tongue Brush n°7 and blend with the EVAGARDEN Oval Brush n°16 and 20.
Before applying any eyeshadow we recommend using EVAGARDEN Eye Primer to make each eyeshadow flawless, perfect and even easier to apply.

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