UNIQA HAPPY SKIN 2 - Vitamin E + Cleansing Mousse

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Daily antioxidant treatment for a complete beauty routine - limited edition box.

The use of a delicate cleanser and Vitamin E represents a gesture of love for your skin and an excellent ally for hygiene and the prevention of damage caused by chrono-aging:
  • UNIQA MOUSSE is a delicate and soft foam that cleanses and removes impurities from all skin types, even the most sensitive ones. Daily use helps prevent any form of redness, leaving the skin fresh, supple and pleasantly velvety.
  • UNIQA VITAMIN E is a powerful antioxidant capable of counteracting the destructive action of free radicals. Slows down skin aging and exerts an emollient and moisturizing action, especially on stressed skin. Daily use keeps the skin protected, nourished, hydrated, giving it a pleasant velvety effect. It is an excellent base for make-up.
  • 28 Single doses of UNIQA VITAMIN E (pure tocopherol, concentration 5%)
  • One 150ml bottle of UNIQA Mousse

Fantastic after-sun moisturizer with vitamins E


With its light and silky texture UNIQA AFTER SUN SOOTHING, REFRESHING AND MOISTURIZING TREATMENT, it will give you and your skin a fresh feeling of well-being, thanks to the combined action of ALOE and VITAMIN E, in a concentration of 5%, UNIQA AFTER SUN it is able to calm skin reddened by the action of free radicals, leaving it soft and velvety.


After sun treatment ideal for all skin types UNIQA AFTER SUN SOOTHING, REFRESHING AND MOISTURIZING TREATMENT facilitates the recovery of the physiological balance of the skin, compromised by sun exposure.


Apply after sun exposure. Gently massage with circular movements until completely absorbed.

300ml bottle

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