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Bright, vital, irreverent: to preserve their natural strength and beauty, i blond hair they need to special care and attentions. Heart of glass owes its name to a famous song from the 80s, played by a very blonde singer who has become an icon.

The name of the line also metaphorically refers to the irresistible contrast, typical of blond hair, che che they are characterized by their delicacy and at the same time are a symbol of brightness and vitality .

All products are designed for enhance the beauty of blonde hair, both natural and treated with bleaching, lightening and coloring; or stressed by exposure to sunlight, frequent use of the brush or plate, factors that can weaken the hair fiber.

Heart of glass offers a hair complete routine , which includes four products: shampoo, conditioner, treatment and thermo-protective illuminating fluid without rinsing.

1 bottle of shampoo of 250ml

1 bottle of conditioner of 250ml

1 bottle of 150ml sheer glaze

1 bottle of intense treatment of 150ml

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