UNIQA ADDED SUMMER KIT - Vitamin E + Hyaluronic BPM

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Everything you need to make your tan last until the first foliage. Because summer should never end!

Daily use of UNIQA Vitamin E helps the skin to be stronger, healthier and hydrated. Uniqa Vitamin E is a 28-day treatment that fights the stress of the skin , helping it in a natural way to regain well-being, brightness and hydration .

UNIQA Hyaluronic is low molecular weight (50 KDa) hyaluronic acid in high concentration (0.5%). It is thanks to this active that the skin possesses the characteristics of elasticity and resistance that distinguish it and remains hydrated and protected.

UNIQA HYALURONIC provides the necessary sustenance to the skin, deeply hydrating and plumping the complexion .


Anyone who wants to try to keep the healthy and golden complexion hard won during the summer for as long as possible.

It is especially recommended to those who experience redness or tingling , due to its soothing power.

Recommended to anyone with sensitive skin to reduce sensitization phenomena by helping to restore the functions of the skin barrier.

Recommended on all skins that need hydration .


For a cycle of at least 28 days (a complete cycle of skin cell renewal), apply daily a single dose of UNIQA Vitamin E and a single dose UNIQA Hyaluronic + in the morning on cleansed skin.

Spread all the contents on the face, neck, décolleté and hands .

Open the single-dose by holding it firmly between two fingers of one hand and gently turning the softer upper part until its delicate break.

Use all the contents of the single-dose in a single application; the vitamin in pure form oxidizes within a few minutes once the single-dose is opened, losing all its functions

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