Davines MORE INSIDE - Strong Hold Fixative Hairspray

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Invisible hairspray with strong anti-humidity hold. Ideal for looks that require firm and lasting support. The very fine, almost impalpable nebulization makes it easy to apply and without residues.

  • Gives strong support to the hair.
  • Moisture resistant.
  • Workable even after application.
  • Quick drying thanks to the fine mist.
  • Invisible and without residue.
  • Easy to remove.

As a styling, spray 30 cm from the hair and comb. It can also be sprayed directly on the areas to be defined. Depending on the density of the hair, the length and the effect to be obtained, it is recommended to apply from 2g to 4g of product.

To tame unruly fluffiness, apply a small splash of strong hairspray directly to a flat brush and immediately swipe over the strand to secure it.

400 ml bottle

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