Ishi H5 TONE & PROTEIN CREAM - toning

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1. Detoxification and systemic purification and protein biosynthesis with Sargassum, Spirulina platensis and Chlorella sorokiniana

2. Protein metabolism stimulation with Gelidium, Klamath, Bacillus and Dysidea

3. Tissue regulation and normalization with Macrocystis, Ulva lactuca, Lithothamnium, Palmaria and Laminaria

Thalasso Therapy Method is a set of treatments based on the healing action of the sea and its elements, in particular algae.

ISHI THALASSOTHERAPY is the most advanced solution for the treatment of edematosity, skin fat, cellulite, atony and stretch marks, as it acts in a natural and safe way, through a 3-step process: activating detoxification, stimulating specific tissue metabolism and protecting and regulating it , biosynthetic and catabolic processes.

In this way, a normalization of the blood and lymphatic microcirculation is obtained, as well as an increase in skin elasticity, restoring harmony to the line.

125ml bottle

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