UNIQA KIT 3D CREAM SPF30 double pack + body moisturizing cream

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UNIQA 3D CREAM: Definitive – Daily – Do All SPF 30
  • The smart cream that adapts perfectly to your skin tone
  • A multifunctional cream that hydrates, illuminates, nourishes, protects the skin and covers imperfections
  • Excellent base for make-up
SPF 30 face
It is an All-In-One multifunctional product, a little make-up, a little anti-aging cream. It gives uniformity to the complexion, making the face brighter. UNIQA 3D CREAM is also a valid eye contour and its benefits are visible from the first application. In the long term, however, it acts as a real anti-aging treatment, protecting the face from UV rays thanks to a protective factor of SPF 30.

Brightness and soft focus effect.
From the first application UNIQA 3D CREAM illuminates and uniforms the color of the face, constituting an excellent primer. Corrects small skin imperfections thanks to the soft focus effect on expression lines and dark circles. The filler effect, which makes wrinkles less evident, is guaranteed cosmetically (plastic powder) and functionally (low molecular weight hyaluronic acid).

Uncompromising hydration and protection.
Used every day, UNIQA 3D CREAM always makes the skin perfectly hydrated thanks to the action of hyaluronic acids, with high and low molecular weight, which nourish and firm the complexion. Furthermore, UNIQA 3D CREAM protects from UV rays, thanks to physical and chemical sun filters, always respecting the physiological pH of the skin, including the area around the eyes.

The cream of creams. Even in the long run.
UNIQA 3D CREAM, thanks to blueberry extract, oxygenates and promotes microcirculation. Furthermore, thanks to a complex of peptides that act as biostimulants (trylagen pcb), it increases the production of collagen by inhibiting its degradation. The anti-aging action complements the antioxidant action thanks to the anti-radical complex composed of ECA vitamins.

The secret of an effect.
UNIQA 3D CREAM, apparently white in colour, contains pigments which are released only when the cream itself is applied. In this way it adapts to the color of every skin type.


The complex of active ingredients present in UNIQA Body Perfect Moisturizing Body Treatment promotes the restoration of the natural lipid barrier , acting from the superficial skin layers up to the heart of the cells themselves.

It turns out one visibly more hydrated skin with a prolonged effect over time.

The new formula enriched with Sodium Hyaluronate gives the skin a greater elasticity, tone, hydration and softness .

The skin will be firmer and brighter right from the first applications.

Ideal for all skin types , especially those that need greater hydration and nourishment.

Recommended on dry or flaky skin .

Ideal for those who often practice sports and/or tends to do more than one shower a day .

Useful during pregnancy or in anticipation of a strong weight loss to keep the skin elastic and avoid the appearance of blemishes.

UNIQA BODY PERFECT Moisturizing Body Treatment promotes a more realistic and positive vision of the body , characterized by the enhancement of one's appearance. Your Body is already Perfect!


Apply the hydrating body treatment every day, several times a day, morning and evening .

The ideal time to apply the hydrating body treatment is immediately after a shower.

To aid absorption, perform a light massage.

Start from the foot, in order to help blood circulation and apply the product with bottom-up movements throughout the body.


2 tubes of 40 ml of 3D cream

1 pack of 200ml body moisturizing cream

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