UNIQA 3D KIT - 3D cream + 3D eyes contour tratt bags

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Eye Contour Bags with lifting effect

A specific intensive treatment that helps to smooth and minimize wrinkles and expression lines, combining an effective anti-bag effect.

Moisturizing and treating the eye contour area correctly is essential to always have a young, rested and luminous appearance.

UNIQA 3D EYES CONTOUR is the answer to this need.

  • special applicator with triple roll on
  • spreads the active ingredients evenly by performing a delicate massage around the eye contour
  • reactivates the microcirculation and deflates the area around the eyes.
  • for a more relaxed and rested look
  • ANTIAGE tightening effect in 5 minutes
  • Mixture of two Hyaluronic Acids with different molecular weights for ANTI-AGE action
  • Ash bark extract which strengthens the capillary wall -
  • Venotonic Vitamin B3 which improves the microcirculation
  • Oligo elements (organic silica) which strengthens and protects tissues

40ml bottle

UNIQA 3D CREAM: Definitive – Daily – Do All.
  • The smart cream that adapts perfectly to your skin tone
  • A multifunctional cream that hydrates, illuminates, nourishes, protects the skin and covers imperfections
  • Excellent base for make-up
SPF 30 face
It is an All-In-One multifunctional product, a little make-up, a little anti-aging cream. It gives uniformity to the complexion, making the face brighter. UNIQA 3D CREAM is also a valid eye contour and its benefits are visible from the first application. In the long term, however, it acts as a real anti-aging treatment, protecting the face from UV rays thanks to a protective factor of SPF 30.

40ml bottle

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