UNIQA KIT Beauty Complete routine - 3D cream + Vitamin E

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Daily use of UNIQA Vitamin E helps the skin to be stronger, healthier and hydrated.

Our skin is subjected to numerous forms of stress.

Changes in temperature, exposure to the sun's rays, pollution, nutrition are just some of the factors that can cause oxidative stress.

This accelerates the inflammation and aging process of the skin.

Uniqa Vitamin E is a 28 day treatment that fights skin stress , helping it in a natural way a regain well-being, brightness and hydration .

Tocopherol (scientific name of Vitamin E) contained in a concentration of 5% within the single doses of UNIQA Vitamin E is a powerful antioxidant, capable of reduce skin stress by limiting the action of free radicals e reducing any redness .

Decreasing skin stress means slow down its natural aging process .

For a cycle of at least 28 days (a full cycle of skin cell renewal), apply a single dose daily of UNIQA Vitamin E in the morning on cleansed skin.

Spread out all the content on the face, neck, décolleté and hands .

Open the single-dose by holding it firmly between two fingers of one hand and gently turning the softer upper part until its delicate break.

Use all the contents of the single-dose in a single application ; the vitamin in pure form oxidizes within a few minutes once the single-dose is opened, losing all its functions.

Apply in the morning after cleansing, and after using other creams.

Thanks to its soft and silky texture UNIQA Vitamin E is an excellent base for make-up .

Wait a few minutes before applying other products to give the skin time to absorb the Vitamin leaving a fresh and silky feeling.


    It is a multifunctional All-In-One product, a little make-up, a little anti-aging cream.

    Apparently white in color, it contains pigments that are released only when the cream is applied: in this way it adapts to the coloring of all skin types .

    Corrects small imperfections thanks to the soft focus effect on expression lines and dark circles and has a filler effect which makes wrinkles less noticeable.

    Used every day, UNIQA 3D Cream moisturizes the skin thanks to the action of hyaluronic acids, with high and low molecular weight, protects from UV rays , thanks to the SPF 30 sun filter and oxygenates e promotes microcirculation thanks to blueberry extract. Furthermore, thanks to a complex of peptides that act as biostimulants increases the production of Collagen .

    The antiaging action supports the antioxidant action thanks to the anti-radical complex composed of ECA vitamins.

    To apply a thin layer of product on clean and dry skin.

    To distribute evenly with a gentle massage.

    It is recommended to start with the application of a small amount of product and gradually increase the amount applied to achieve the desired effect.

    UNIQA 3D CREAM can be used in the eye contour area.


    1 tube of 40 ml of cream

    1 pack of 28 single-dose 1ml doses of vitamin

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