UNIQA Body Perfect - Anticellulite Treatment

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Anti-cellulite, draining, firming treatment for the body

UNIQA Body Perfect Anti-Cellulite Treatment is a specific treatment that redefines the silhouette by counteracting the imperfections of cellulite and localized adiposity.

The new active formula provides a triple action:

- stimulates lipolysis reducing the amount of lipids inside the adipocytes

- promotes drainage of the areas affected by cellulite

- limits the development of adipose tissue with firming and restructuring effect .

In addition, the delicate and lasting thermogenic action promotes microcirculation by improving skin tone, elasticity and firmness .

Ideal for those who want enhance one's natural beauty counteracting the imperfections of cellulite and localized adiposity.

Recommended to those who are following a path of anti-cellulite treatments in the institute and perfect for anyone getting ready to costume fitting.

Ideal in combination with the UNIQA Body Perfect Leggings.

UNIQA Anti-Cellulite Treatment promotes a more realistic and positive vision of the body , characterized by the enhancement of one's appearance. Your Body is already Perfect!

Apply the anti-cellulite treatment every day, even several times a day, for at least two months .


To promote absorption, do a circular massage.

Start at the ankles, so as to help blood circulation and apply the product with circular movements from the bottom up .

Repeat the massage in the most critical areas .

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