UNIQA KIT Beauty Complete routine - 3D Cream + Strong Vitamin E + Cleansing Mousse

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Strong daily treatment for reddened skin for a complete beauty routine in a limited edition box..

The use of a delicate cleanser, strong Vitamin E and 3D represents a gesture of love towards your skin and an excellent ally for hygiene and a shock treatment for red and dehydrated skin:
  • UNIQA MOUSSE it is a delicate and soft foam that cleanses and removes impurities from all skin types, even the most sensitive ones. Daily use helps prevent any form of redness, leaving the skin fresh, elastic and pleasantly velvety.

    Single-dose shock treatment for reddened skin based on pure, high-concentration Vitamin E.

    • Pure tocopherol in high concentration (10%)
    • Shock treatment to reduce the signs resulting from prolonged sun exposure or without correct protection
    • Counteracts the signs of skin aging
    • Hydrates with a velvety emollient effect
    • Ideal in the presence of redness and other signs of skin stress due to physical, mechanical or chemical action (prolonged use of the mask, rosacea)
  • UNIQA 3D CREAM: Definitive Daily Do All.l.
    • The smart cream that adapts perfectly to your skin tone
    • A multifunctional cream that hydrates, illuminates, nourishes, protects the skin and covers imperfections
    • Excellent base for make-up
    SPF 30 face
    It is an All-In-One multifunctional product, a little make-up, a little anti-aging cream. It gives uniformity to the complexion, making the face brighter. UNIQA 3D CREAM is also a valid eye contour and its benefits are visible from the first application. In the long term, however, it acts as a real anti-aging treatment, protecting the face from UV rays thanks to a protective factor of SPF 30.
  • 28 single doses of UNIQA VITAMIN E forte (Retinol)
  • A 150ml bottle of UNIQA Mousse
  • 1 tube of 3D Cream of 40ml


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