UNIQA KIT Vitamins A + C + E anti-aging and anti-dark spots

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Uniqa vitamins A - C - E essential substances for the health of our organism. They are taken daily through a healthy and balanced diet, rich in fruit and vegetables, but if applied directly to the skin, thanks to the antioxidant properties, counteract skin aging and damage caused by exposure to UV rays .

Pack of 28 capsules

UNIQA Vitamin A (retinol) in pure form. Vitamin A performs a delicate exfoliating action and promotes cell renewal of the skin. Regular application of vitamin A gives the skin a smooth and radiant appearance with an evident effect of attenuating the most marked wrinkles. It is excellent on thickened skin and ideal for the treatment of combination and oily skin on which it plays an important adjuvant function in the normalization of sebum production. Due to these important characteristics, the use of vitamin A is particularly suitable for treating acneic skin and post-acneic signs.

UNIQA Vitamin C (L-ascorbic acid) in pure form. Vitamin C is an irreplaceable ally against the signs of aging. It stimulates the production of collagen, a substance that keeps the skin elastic and prevents the formation of wrinkles. It is a powerful antioxidant capable of counteracting the damage caused by UVA and UVB rays and regenerates the properties of vitamin E. Furthermore, it also regulates the excessive production of melanin, responsible for the hyperpigmentation that usually occurs with dark spots.

UNIQA Vitamin E (tocopherol) in pure form. Vitamin E is a powerful antioxidant, capable of counteracting the destructive action of free radicals.
While it protects vitamin A from degradation and vitamin C from oxidation, it defends the skin from damage resulting from incorrect photo-exposure (sun and tanning lamps).
Contrasts and slows down skin aging and exerts an emollient and moisturizing action, especially on stressed and reddened skin.

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