UNIQA DNA single-dose anti-stain repairs sun damage

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New single-dose anti-blemish formula

A rich and abundant day cream that activates with sunlight and protects you with an SPF 30 protection factor while counteracting damage from sun exposure

It is one of the very few treatments available that acts on damage due to excessive exposure to the sun's rays and tanning lamps. With constant and well-calibrated use for your needs, you will be able to see blemishes, skin thickening, areas with loss of elasticity and deep wrinkles diminish.


UNIQA DNA is designed to prevent and combat the photo-aging process of the skin (damage linked to excessive or incorrect exposure to the sun). 

This aging process, often invisible to the naked eye until the age of 30-40, is mainly responsible for the appearance of dark spots on the skin, sudden thickening of the fabric and loss of elasticity. 

Thanks to the action of Photoliasis, UNIQA DNA is able to reconstitute damaged skin cells , limiting the appearance of new imperfections and reducing the signs of aging already manifest. 

Skin treated with UNIQA DNA will be more toned , elastic and younger looking with fewer dark spots and wrinkles . 

Thanks to the protection factor SPF 30 UNIQA DNA protects your skin from the risks of further exposure to UV rays. 


The single dose of UNIQA DNA should be applied in the morning on well cleansed and dry skin, massaging until completely absorbed. 

Each single dose contains the right amount of product for face and neck ; in this way there is no risk of wasting the product or of using too little of it (and therefore not obtaining the desired effect). 

If the morning beauty routine includes a specific hydration product (such as UNIQA Hyaluronic or UNIQA Hyaluronic +), the single dose of UNIQA DNA will be the last product to be applied.  

It is recommended to use UNIQA DNA for cycles of at least 2 months to be repeated several times during the year . 


Ideal for those who have exposed the skin to UV rays for a long time (sun and tanning lamps); has no age limit . 

It can be used preventively by all those who know they have been excessively exposed to UV rays and want to limit the appearance of dark spots and deep wrinkles . 

It can be used as an effective solution (in synergy with UNIQA Vitamin C) to mitigate the signs of aging related to sun exposure such as dark spots , thickening of the skin and loss of tone and elasticity . 

We recommend it to Ilenia, who is 43 , was exposed to the sun a lot at a young age and wants to avoid seeing dark spots appear on her forehead and cheeks . 

Ilenia will apply a single dose of UNIQA DNA in the morning for 3 cycles of 2 months throughout the year and will keep her skin young and protected. 

We also recommend it to Cristina, her friend and her age, who has not had the same luck and has been seeing small dark spots appearing on her forehead and cheeks for some years. 

CONTENTS 30 single doses


first of all it causes the destruction of collagen with consequent alteration of skin tone and firmness; Furthermore, by altering the DNA of skin cells, it accelerates all aging processes , such as thickening and the appearance of deep wrinkles and Melanin accumulation spots. 

To block this process at its origin, UNIQA DNA uses photoliasis , an enzyme extracted from marine plankton, capable of restoring the correct organization of the cellular DNA of keratinocytes , the most represented cells in the skin, and of melanocytes, the cells responsible for producing Melanin. It is activated in the presence of a minimum source of light, even artificial, and a single photon is sufficient to allow the photolysis enzyme to perform its function effectively and quickly. 


UNIQA DNA, designed to reduce the accumulation of melanin in skin cells, contains specific active ingredients, such as Dimethylmethoxy chromanyl palmitate which inhibits the action of the enzyme Tyrosinase, responsible for the excessive production of Melanin (the pigment at the base of the formation of dark spots). Regular application makes the skin visibly brighter and more uniform .UNIQA DNA, to ensure maximum safety and to allow the action to prevent damage from photo-exposure, also has a sun protection factor of 30 / UVB and 10 / UVA (does not replace the use of photoprotectors before sun exposure). 


We use the pharmaceutical approach of the "single dose" in the cosmetic field. Each single dose contains the perfect amount of product for a single application. It is simple, immediate and completely hygienic. 

The patented Pea Cosmetics single-dose contains the right amount of product and is 100% recyclable . The single dose is the perfect solution for the beauty routine at home, on the go and after training. 

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