Framesi Morphosis Color Protect Shampoo

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Framesi Morphosis Color Protect Shampoo is a hydrating and color protective shampoo . Enriched with Raspberry extract, Olive Hydrolysate, Protective Cationic Polymers of plant origin and a Natural Moisturizing Factor, it delicately cleanses while preserving the duration of the colour .


  • Apply to damp scalp and hair and massage delicately
  • Rinse carefully


Cosmetic color is a deposited pigment that does not have a definitive bond with the hair fiber. For this reason, repeated washing, natural external agents (sun, wind), pollutants and the mechanical action of the brush, hairdryer and straightener all favor fading and loss of shine. In these cases the hair appears opaque and porous. Treating them with a specific ritual is essential to safeguard the colorist's work and keep the hair in perfect condition until the next appointment.


  • Raspberry Extract supports the restructuring of the cuticle and gives elasticity, shine and body to the hair. It is also rich in numerous antioxidant substances which have a profound protective and purifying action on colored skin and hair.
  • Bio-liquefied Olive Through a biotechnological process, the substances naturally contained in the fruit are converted into an even more active form, with a much more effective and stable antioxidant power than vitamin C, becoming a precious aid against free radicals.

Flowery, fruity and green.

Mandarin and bergamot blend with the scents of peony, rose and cyclamen, and then dissolve into the harsh woodiness of cedar and sandalwood.

250ml and 500ml bottles

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