Histomer C30 Lipo Gym Slimming Body Cream 400ml

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Body Cream Accelerator of Metabolism

First and only slimming accelerator. Thanks to an advanced formula and the action of the active ingredient Actigym Ferment Extract, it stimulates and increases the amount of adiponectin (hormone that promotes lipolysis) present in the body

It also contains: Marine Plankton Extract (+ 173% oxygen consumption), special complex of caffeine + carnitine (pro-lipolytic action), ginger root (activates venous and lymphatic circulation), Aescin and Beta-sitosterol (strong action draining) Combined with physical exercise, it promotes the reduction of the volume of fat mass and the imperfections of cellulite. In vivo tests have shown a reduction in waistline from 1.3 to 3.1 cm over 45 days.

How to use: Apply a small amount of product on the affected areas every day, especially after physical activity within the next two hours, massage until completely absorbed. Bio formulation and highly eco-sustainable pack

400 ml airless bottle

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