Histomer Hydrax4 Hy-Charisma Hydrating Cream - rich and nourishing cream

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Nourishing face cream

Rich and nourishing 24-hour face cream, super moisturizing for mature, dry, arid skin or skin prone to redness.
Moisturizing face cream without sunscreens.

Thanks to an exclusive combination of biological principles, active on 4 different skin levels, it performs a powerful repairing and regenerating action of the cellular mechanisms of hydration.

Brightens the complexion and relaxes the features of the face.

Suitable for both women and men

Deep hydration treatments

Good hydration goes beyond the superficial epidermis and also affects the deeper skin layers. HYdraX4 , thanks to the combination of 4 exclusive active complexes, acts simultaneously on 4 levels of the epidermis, guaranteeing true, deep and persistent hydration .

  • The first active complex (Hyalurene) strengthens the hydrolipidic film , absorbing atmospheric humidity and fixing it on the skin surface;
  • The second active complex (ceramide bio-complex) rebuilds the inter-corneocyte lipid matrix , which prevents excessive loss of water to the outside;
  • The third active complex (Inositol glycine) increases the trans-membrane proteins , preventing aggression by external irritating or harmful substances;
  • The fourth active complex (Aquaporene) stimulates the formation of Aquaporin channels , improving deep hydration, cellular vitality and elasticity of the skin as a whole.

50ml jar

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