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Multi-benefit shower shampoo for hair and skin exposed to the sun.

Multi-benefit shower shampoo for body and hair. The formula of this after-sun shampoo, characterized by a full-bodied foam, delicately hydrates and cleanses skin and hair exposed to the sun. At the same time hydrating and nourishing shower gel and shampoo, it returns your hair to its natural beauty.

Here are the reasons why UP Hair & Body Wash it is the perfect product for summer:

  • 2 in 1 product, can be used both as shower gel for the body that how sun shampoo, for rehydrated skin and hair after sun exposure;
  • Gently cleanses the scalp and skin after exposure to the sun;
  • Thanks to its specific formula, it will make both skin and hair hydrated and soft;
  • Thanks to his double function of shampoo and shower gel is the perfect product to take with you on holiday: two products in a single format.
Benefits of after-sun shampoo and why use it in your summer hair routine
Skin and hair are subjected to multiple stress factors during the summer: UV rays, heat, chlorine, wind and salt can in fact make both drier and more fragile. Precisely for this reason, in the summer months, it is advisable to use one solar or after-sun shampoo , to rehydrate both the body of the hair subject to thermal stress and the skin exposed to the sun.
This product is ideal for counteracting the negative effects of these agents, leaving hair softer, stronger and more nourished as well as being an excellent ally against dryness and redness of the skin caused by sun exposure.

Take care of your hair at the seaside with the Davines line UP: solar hair products for all your needs. If you want to find out more about how to protect your hair in summer , read our dedicated article!

Protect skin and hair from the sun with Davines SU Hair & Body Wash, here's how:

  • Apply the product to wet hair and skin;
  • Massage gently and rinse;
  • Repeat the application if necessary;
  • To maximize the protective and restorative effect of this Shower shampoo you can combine it with others solar hair products of the same line. After washing, proceed with the application of SU hair mask conditioner or SU milk, as needed.
How to protect your hair from the sun?
Is summer here or are you about to leave for a hot destination? Don't forget to pack the Sun protection and remember that your hair also needs a shield to protect itself from heat and UV rays. What to wear on your hair at the seaside to create a protective barrier and protect them from sun damage? Here is some advice:
  • Use one sunscreen for hair before exposure to the sun, such as SU Milk invisible milk with UV filters;
  • Rinse your hair immediately with fresh water after being in contact with chlorine and salt to prevent these substances from depositing and penetrating the hair;
  • Once home, wash your hair with a specific one after sun shampoo to rehydrate both the skin and the hair, as SU Hair & Body Wash;
  • Apply finally nourishing and hydrating products in the case of particularly dry and dehydrated hair as a restorative mask or compress;
  • Do not carry out aggressive treatments before sun exposure, such as bleaching or chemical treatments;
  • Keep your hair tied on the beach or in the swimming pool to better protect the skin from sunburn and prevent the hair from becoming tangled and damaged.

500ml bottle of 75ml and BAR

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